Psychosocial Center (“PSZ”) for traumatized refugees

For whom is the counseling?

Traumatized refugees in Bielefeld and its surroundings

Who does the counseling?

Members of AK Asyl staff in cooperation with the “Clinic for psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic medicine” („Klinik für Psychotherapeutische und Psychosomatische Medizin”) of the Protestant Hospital Bielefeld (“Evangelisches Krankenhaus Bielefeld” – EvKB)

What does the counseling help with?

The Psychosocial Center offers social counseling combined with psychotherapeutic measures for traumatized refugees in Bielefeld and its surroundings. This includes evaluations of post traumatic disorders and - on a limited scale - therapy services. For the first contact, there is a telephone consultation (see on the right). In a first meeting, which takes place in the offices of AK Asyl Bielefeld, the current situation and the need for support are discussed. If necessary, the client may be transferred to the cooperating clinic or a psychotherapist. AK Asyl Bielefeld supports the clients in applications for assumptions of therapy costs, integration aid as well as other psychiatric measures. Furthermore, we offer trainings, further education, and supervision services for supporters who accompany the refugees.

More information

PSZ Bielefeld maintains a separate website with detailed information on offers for fugitives and specialists:

Telephone Consultation

Phone: +49 521 / 546 515 - 31
Phone: +49 521 / 546 515 - 32

You can also leave a message and your phone number and you will be recalled or write us an e-mail:


Friedenstraße 4-8
33602 Bielefeld

Fax: +49 521 / 546 515 - 99


Kathrin Dallwitz
(German, English, French)
Phone: +49 521 / 546 515 - 33

Isabelle Sanders
(German, English, Portuguese, Arabic)
Phone: +49 521 / 546 515 - 31

Lina Honens
(German, English, Portuguese)
Phone: +49 521 / 546 515 - 32

Mathis Bauer
(German, English)
Tel.: +49 521 / 546 515 - 34

Benjamin Liersch
(German, English)
Tel.: +49 521 / 546 515 - 35

Jinga Rosa Rempe
(German, English)
Subsitution: Mathis Bauer, Benjamin Liersch

Gamze Harman
(German, English, Turque)
Tel.: 017666353913