"Against the Dying at the EU's External Borders!"

We invite you to the following interesting event on the 23. September in Kulturpunkt, Paulusstrasse, 33602 Bielefeld at 7 pm: "Against the Dying at the EU's External Borders!" - Reports by eyewitnesses from Cameroon, Togo and other African countries. The speeches will be held in german and french and translated into englisch in small groups if necessary.

Reports by eyewitnesses from Cameroon, Togo and other African countries.

Every day we get news about successful flights to Western Europe, but we also hear about a lot of people who get injured or lose their lives on their way.

Why do people leave their home countries? Which are the political and social conflicts which lead to this decision? How are the global politics connected to the increased pressure to migrate on the African continent? What are the consequences of sealing off the European external borders and the armament of FRONTEX? And what resistance is there against it?

The general public gets the information that the refugees leave their countries for economical reasons and become victims of unscrupulous smugglers of human beings. In the face of the many dead people at the EU's external borders, humanitarian organizations demand a new EU policy of migration.

In our opinion the deaths of thousands of people is a result of a social war: the implementation of economical interests of transnational corporations stands against the striving for a life in dignity and happiness.

Our aim is to build up solidarity with the refugees and to support their struggles and demands.

At the events of the round trip activists from Togo, Cameroon and other African countries, who have managed to arrive in Europe, will give their perspective on the questions above. Being eyewitnesses, they can report about the gender-specific reasons for flight and migration and about the situation at the EU's external border between North Africa and southern Europe and their own attempts to cross it.

The event is orginzaed by "Afrique Europe Interact" - Group Dortmund-Bochum in cooperation with and supported by other orginzations.