Medical Aid for Refugees

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For whom is the counseling?

Refugees without papers

Who does the counseling?

Volunteers at AK Asyl Bielefeld transfer the refugees to doctors

What does the counseling help with?

In Germany, many refugees only receive medical aid in form of an emergency treatment or aren’t treated at all. In order to help these people get their right to medical care, AK Asyl in Bielefeld has founded the Medical Aid for Refugees, which is first and foremost meant for refugees without papers. We publically campaign for the universal right of medical care and inform about treatment claims according to the Asylum Seekers Benefit Act (“Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz”). The medical counseling transfers refugees to doctors and helps with the search for health aids such as wheelchairs. We also assist in the search for professional psychiatric therapy meetings for refugees who have had traumatizing experiences and in situations of crises. Furthermore, we support the search for translators and escorts.

Many doctors are committed to helping refugees free of charge. Nevertheless, costs for lab exams, medication, and reports arise time and time again. Therefore, we ask for support of our work via donations (see the donations account on the right). Thank you!

Consultation hours

Appointments can be arranged individually.

Contact us by phone or email.


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